Communication Consulting

Planning your strategy to achieve your goals.

At EVOLUCIONA, together with your team, we define the communication plan that your company needs.

<<Usually, business problems are related to the lack of quality in communication.

We advise the leaders of your business in: 

  • The role of communication in the organization and the work team required by the company to meet its needs.
  • Communication against the promise of value, products and services. 
  • The display of the brand and the organizational culture of the business: messages and channels.
  • The market segments and the target audiences for the business.
  • The resources —human talent and infrastructure— required to handle business communication.
  • The definition of the communication plan based on the identity and business model of the company. 

Consulting Product

In addition to the advisory work, Evoluciona will deliver a document with the suggestions associated with the reviewed topics.

A Communication Plan Helps To...

  1. Achieve the goals of the company by focusing the efforts of the team towards the fulfillment of the objectives.
  2. Provide coherence with the strategic plan, because it is tailored to the needs of the business.
  3. Provides certainty of the appropriate media and communication channels for the company.
  4. Produce savings in human talent and technology.
  5. Strengthen the reputation of the company.
  6. Disseminate the organizational culture.
  7. Learn from the analysis of the results.

Let us be part of your team!

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